special issue on eTourism and eLearning

eTourism and eLearning
pp. 1-1(1)
Author: Cantoni, Lorenzo


Travel Agents and Destination Management Organizations: eLearning As a Strategy to Train Tourism Trade Partners 

pp. 3-12(10)
Author: Kalbaska, Nadzeya

Overcoming Barriers to Sme E-Commerce Adoption using Blended Learning: A Swedish Action Research Case Study

pp. 13-26(14)
Authors: Kuttainen, Christer; Lexhagen, Maria

Tourism Capacity Building in Developing Geographies: A Case for Open Educational Resources 

pp. 27-37(11)
Authors: Nadkarni, Sanjay; Venema, Magiel

Myswitzerland.com: Analysis of Online Communication and Promotion 

pp. 39-49(11)
Authors: Inversini, Alessandro; Brülhart, Christoph; Cantoni, Lorenzo