internet: a master thesis on blogs

BLOGS. A GLOBAL CONVERSATION, a Master’s Thesis on the Social Phenomenon of Blogs, by James Torio (in pdf)
a master student at the USI - University of Lugano is writing her thesis on the use of blogs in education (more to come...)


technology: byte wars

Waging war through the Internet America is far more vulnerable to terrorists who hack systems than missions to blow things up, by John Arquilla (Sunday, January 15, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle).

a book to be read on the subject: Byte Wars: The Impact of September 11 on Information Technology, by Edward Yourdon

technology: how to put furniture on the internet

worth a trial:

technology: virtual cities by Planet9


(google and Microsoft maps going in this direction).


technology: build your own CNN channel online

a new life to "push" sytems? www.cnn.com/pipeline/

about push systems see: Benedetto Lepori, L. Cantoni e Riccardo Mazza, Push Communication Services: A Short History, a Concrete Experience and Some Critical Reflections, «Studies in Communication Sciences», 2/1 (2002), pp. 149-164 (soon available online in the NewMinE Library)

eLearning: un corso d'area sanitaria da provare

il corso: Emergenze a rischio di vita nello studio dentistico, sviluppato dal NewMinE Lab per la SSO - Società Svizzera di Odontologia e Stomatologia.

p.s.: da guardare anche www.firstaidpod.com