eLearning: Swiss Virtual Campus Days

The Swiss Virtual Campus Days took place on March 13-14 in Basel.
All plenary activities were recorded, and are available online >>>
I took part a in the Panel Discussion and Conclusion of SVC Days 2006, with Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitt, Dr. Charles Kleiber, Dr. Nivardo Ischi, Prof. Dr. Marcel Jufer, Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler, Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni.


eCulture in Europe

European Commission steps up efforts to put Europe’s memory on the Web via a “European Digital Library” >>>
La Commissione europea intensifica gli sforzi per creare la Biblioteca Digitale Europea, destinata a perpetuare la memoria dell’Europa su Internet >>>


internet: archive

A Research Library Based on the Historical Collections of the Internet Archive, an article by William Y. Arms, Selcuk Aya, Pavel Dmitriev, Blazej Kot, Ruth Mitchell, Lucia Walle

eLearning @ Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon Collaborates With EA to Revolutionize Computer Science Education >>>



per chi è dalle parti di Milano tra oggi e il 18 marzo 2006 >>>


eGovernment: online political fundraising

Small donors, online donors and first-timers in the presidential election of 2004, a report released by the Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet (IPDI) and the Campaign Finance Institute (CFI)
press release

internet: Web Tools Employ The Human Factor

an article by Leslie Walker >>>

eLearning: online market and stock exchange simulations

about simulations, a good starting point is:

for market simulations and stock exchange simulations, you could consider:

sponsored by banks:


Comunicazione. Teoria e pratiche

Lorenzo Cantoni & Nicoletta di Blas, Comunicazione. Teoria e Pratiche, Apogeo, Milano 2006 (2a ed. riveduta e ampliata di Teoria e pratiche della comunicazione, Apogeo, Milano 2002)

VIP (very important post): Aging Workforce

Aging Workforce a Concern for US Tech Firms, an article by Gene Koprowski >>>

the press release by Comptia >>>


technology: TechFest at Microsoft

see for instance Stepping Through Your Inbox: One of Many Innovations in the Spotlight at Microsoft Research TechFest >>>


eLearning acceptance in university

a seminar held by Marko Krevs (right), Karl Donert (left) and myself, in Logarska Dolina (Slovenia), 13 February 2006, presenting to the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana a roadmap to adopt eLearning.