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Fra' Angelico, Adoration of the Magi (1433-34), Tempera on wood, Museo Diocesano, Cortona



Google Lit Trips

A Different Way to Read Great Literature!

This site is an experiment in teaching great literature in a very different way. Using Google Earth, students discover where in the world the greatest road trip stories of all time took place... and so much more! >>>


Cosa pensano i turisti? Lo scopri sul web

Lorenzo Cantoni, Christian Dedekind, Marco Faré, Elena Marchiori, Cosa pensano i turisti? Lo scopri sul web, Rivista del Turismo, 4|09: 38-43


Key Trends in the European Online Travel Market

on PhoCusWright >>>

The Internet and the Web

L. Cantoni & S. Tardini, The Internet and the Web, in D. Albertazzi & P. Cobley (eds), The media. An introduction, 3rd ed., Pearson, Harlow 2009, pp. 220-232.


Computer History Museum

the website >>>

Google real-time search

on Google blog >>>

World Travel Awards 2009

the winners are online >>>


ENTER2010 early birds registration discount

the early birds registration discount for ENTER2010 - eTourism: Horizons will end tomorrow, Dec. 1st. don't loose time and money: register now !


Video: MIT’s Andrew McAfee on how Web 2.0 is changing the way we work

How Web 2.0 is changing the way we work: An interview with MIT’s Andrew McAfee
Web 2.0 technologies are changing the way companies do business. But can these tools help them achieve their goals?

on the Mckinsey Quarterly >>>

Checking in Hotel Web Design: 50 Cosy Hotel Websites and Trends

an interesting list >>>


Africa e Scienza

una mia intervista alla RSI - Rete 2 >>>


Tweeting no more?

on emarketer >>>


Digital technologies and learning: an open space

Barcelona, 10-11 December 2009
Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura La Salle
Universitat Ramon Llull
a keynote at the final workshop of the OIKODOMOS project >>>


E-Learning Supports European Customs in Fight Against Drug Traffickers

on OEB website >>>

PICTURE – Priests’ ICT Use in their Religious Experience

PICTURE – Priests’ ICT Use in their Religious Experience studies the usages of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and of the internet in particular, by the priests of Christian Catholic Church.
The Congregation for the Clergy of the Holy See has communicated interest and has endorsed this research project.
PICTURE is run by the NewMinE – New Media in Education Lab of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI – Lugano, Switzerland) in collaboration with the School of Institutional Social Communications of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (PUSC – Rome, Italy).


eLearning in Tourism and Hospitality: A Map

Cantoni, L., Kalbaska, N. & Inversini, A. (2009) eLearning in Tourism and Hospitality: A Map, «JoHLSTE – Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education», 8/2: 148-156 (DOI:10.3794/johlste.82.263)


Blog Rimini

a brand new Blog about Rimini, the popular Italian tourism destination (also in Italian: BlogRimini)



KAYAK Trends

Where are people trying to go, and where are they looking to stay? Find the latest KAYAK search trends for travel to or from nearly any commercial airport in the world and for the most searched hotels in popular destinations. Data from hundreds of millions of searches over the past 12 months on KAYAK site >>>

Brands Seek Fans on Facebook

on adweek >>>

Lufthansa MySkyStatus

While you're in the air, MySkyStatus sends altitude, location, departure and arrival updates automatically to your Facebook and Twitter pages >>>

Two-Year Study of Global Internet Traffic Will Be Presented At NANOG47

by Arbor Networks, the University of Michigan and Merit Network >>>


Generation Y, Digital Learners and Other Dangerous Things

Journal of technology, culture, and education
Call for Special Issue
Generation Y, Digital Learners and Other Dangerous Things
edited by Lorenzo Cantoni & Stefano Tardini
download the call (in pdf) >>>

Formazione: da Asfor il wiki glossario per "Le parole dell'e-Learning"

Milano, 12 ott. - (Adnkronos/Labitalia) - Per capite tutti i termini della formazione on line e a distanza arriva il 'wiki' "Le parole dell'e-Learning" (www.glossarioelearning.net), il glossario dell'e-Learning che ASFOR, Associazione Italiana per la Formazione Manageriale, ha sviluppato con il contributo scientifico di SIe-L Societa' Italiana di eLearning e con il supporto tecnologico del Centro METID del Politecnico di Milano >>>

Obama against freedom of press?!

Appropriate Attacks on the Press? on Fox >>>


A systematic methodology to use LEGO bricks in web communication design

Cantoni, L., Marchiori, E., Faré, M., Botturi, L., and Bolchini, D. 2009. A systematic methodology to use LEGO bricks in web communication design. In Proceedings of the 27th ACM international Conference on Design of Communication (Bloomington, Indiana, USA, October 05 - 07, 2009). SIGDOC '09. ACM, New York, NY, 187-192. 
DOI= http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1621995.1622032


La ricerca scientifica per un mondo migliore

an important meeting @ USI, hosted by the NewMinE Lab (a pdf document) >>>

two new PhD positions available!

a great call! >>>

La FOSIT incontra le istituzioni universitarie del Ticino

23 ottobre 2009 ore 17.00 – 19.00
Università della Svizzera italiana >>>


La comunicazione online e le sfide per i professionisti del turismo

Lugano, 11 febbraio 2010.
Swiss Day della Conferenza internazionale ENTER2010 - eTourism: Horizons.
un grande programma!



KFPE annual Day in Lugano: the online channel is live

the event will be broadcast live from this url >>>

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

from the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog >>>



FilterStream is a free tool that streams qualified TripAdvisor reviews to a hotel's website. The filter feature ensures only reviews above a certain rating are displayed >>>


From Research to Development - Mutual Learning for Change

The Annual Conference of the KFPE in collaboration with NewMinE of the University of Lugano
23 October 2009, at the University of Lugano (12:00 - 16:00)
the flyer is now available (in pdf) !

GenY revisited

la mia pesentazione al convegno nazionale della SIe-L >>>
la presentazione della collega Gráinne Conole >>>


Technology integration and adoption in education and the community

the latest issue of International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology >>>

African universities 'face fresh Internet challenges'

Digital resources for research: a review of access and use in African universities, a report by Jonathan Harle, programme officer for the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) >>>


Deadline for ENTER paper extended to 30th September

Deadline for ENTER2010 extended to the 30th September 2009 >>>

Twitter's New Terms of Service

an overview on the Twitter blog >>>



Bus Based Learning

on the Masie website >>>


Workshop “Ticino. Terra di ciclismo”

Venerdì, 4 settembre 2009, ore 14.30 – 18.00
Locarno, sede Società Elettrica Sopracenerina, Piazza Grande 5
Intervengo a questo seminario, presentando una breve Guida pratica alla promozione online. Un esempio nel settore turistico che potete scaricare gratuitamente qui >>>
il programma del workshop (in pdf) >>>


AFASI - associazione per la formazione aziendale nella svizzera italiana

intervengo a questa giornata con un workshop su Formazione tecnologica: aiuto o intralcio nella formazione aziendale? >>>


American Express Business Travel unveils virtual meetings solution

on AMEX website >>>

The Pegasus View

Pegasus Solutions, the world’s largest single processor of electronic hotel transactions, is launching a free monthly hospitality industry trends report called The Pegasus View, derived from its vast “vault” of hotel booking data >>>

Essay: Dumb-dumb bullets

As a decision-making aid, PowerPoint is a poor tool
By T.X. Hammes
on the AFJ - Armed Forces Journal >>>

Destination promoters wanting to attract mainland Chinese travelers should advertise on the internet

Destination promoters wanting to attract mainland Chinese travelers should advertise on the internet, the GO-TO information source for Chinese travelers:Nielsen >>>

two reports by Market Metrix

Hotels acknowledge growing impact of user reviews, but unsure how to respond >>>
Handling Online Reviews – Best Practices >>>


NewMinE Lab manifesto, ver. 1.0 !

Einführung von E-Learning in die medizinische Fortbildung. Die Verbreitung von eCME in Europa und in den USA

L. Bachmann, L. Cantoni, J. Coyne & E. McLaughlin, Einführung von E-Learning in die medizinische Fortbildung. Die Verbreitung von eCME in Europa und in den USA, zeitschrift für e-learning. lernkultur und bildungstechnologie, 02/2009: 6-18

Rapid Prototyping Design ed eLab

il modello di fast prototyping dell'eLab - eLearning Laboratory di USI e SUPSI è ampiamente presentato e discusso in un volume appena uscito: Pier Giuseppe Rossi ed Elio Toppano, Progettare nella società della conoscenza, Carocci editore, Roma 2009, pp. 129-131 >>>



There are over 2 billion literate, mobile phone subscribers in the developing world, many living on less than $5 a day.
Corporations pay people to accomplish millions of simple text-based tasks.
txteagle enables these tasks to be completed via text message by ordinary people around the globe >>>


The Traveler's Road to Decision

a study from Google and OTX >>>
a webinar:


Playful Holistic Support to HCI Requirements using LEGO Bricks

L. Cantoni, L. Botturi, M. Faré & D. Bolchini (2009), Playful Holistic Support to HCI Requirements
Using LEGO Bricks, in M. Kurosu (ed.), Human Centered Design, HCII 2009, LNCS 5619, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 844–853

HCI International 2009
19-24 July 09
Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, San Diego, CA, USA

How Teenagers Consume Media

a report by Morgan Stanley:
- the story >>>
- the report itself (in pdf) >>>

Mastering Internet Marketing in 2009: Results of the 3rd Benchmark Survey on Hotel Internet Marketing

By the HeBS Team (in pdf) >>>

TripAdvisor warns of hotels posting fake reviews

from The Associated Press >>>

Hotel reservations keep OTAs alive, for now

on Hotelmarketing.com >>>


to distinguish between science and (politically correct) fiction...

Health outcomes of youth development programme in England: prospective matched comparison study, on BMJ.
worth a reading and a reflection >>>



now both NewMinE Lab and webatelier.net are parters of the ICT4D Collective at Royal Holloway, University of London >>>
The Collective was initiated in 2004, in 2007 it was awarded the status of a UNESCO Chair in ICT4D, and in 2009 it became an official Research Centre at the College. The Collective works in partnership to undertake research, teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate) and consultancy relating to the appropriate and sustainable use of ICT for development.


Google City Tours

Making holiday planning as easy as searching the web. City Tours helps you identify points of interest and plan multi-day trips to most major cities. You just specify the location of your hotel and the length of your trip and City Tours will map out an itinerary for you. From Google Labs >>>

From Research to Development - Mutual Learning for Change

The Annual Conference of the KFPE - Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries, will be done in collaboration with the NewMinE Lab - New Media in Education Lab of the Università della Svizzera italiana, 23 October 2009 in Lugano.
Implementation of research results and exchange with various stakeholders will be the main focus of the conference. The case studies presented will include direct video connections to partners in developing and transition countries thus providing them with an opportunity to present their experience and to talk about factors that enhance or hinder the implementation of research results.

Call for Posters
We are seeking posters that present research partnership projects with developing or transition countries with a clear focus on implementation or projects under construction that have this aim or ideas about achieving it. Persons who intend to exhibit a poster must be present at the conference. Deadline for the submission of poster abstracts is 15 August 2009.



TravelMole’s 6th Annual Web Awards

with a special category on Recruiting and Training. see the winners >>>



Centre International de Recherches et d'Etudes Touristiques / International Center for Research and Study on Tourism >>>


the new NewMinE manifest

a must >>>

eYouGuide, by the EU Commission

If you like shopping online, downloading or uploading content such as pictures, music and videos, this guide is made for you. Here you can find information about your rights online and tips how to make your web experience better and safer >>>



The Current State of Web Privacy, Data Collection, and Information Sharing >>>


Army training goes virtual

have a look >>>

Learning Technology Products 2009

a free report by Brandon Hall Research >>>

OT: la Taverna di Leonardo

my best 30 minutes wedding anniversary dinner ever >>>


Discover Bing

Microsoft's new search engine >>>

Hyatt launches online educational program

on Hotelmarketing >>>


Towards Maturity

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Review is the most comprehensive independent review of the use of learning technologies in the workplace in the UK >>>


Internet users turn to social media to seek one another, not brands or products

Menlo Park, CA; May 20, 2009: A new report by Knowledge Networks gives advertisers, marketers and researchers a clearer picture of the motivations and attitudes of social media users >>>



Make the Most of your Digital Classroom >>>


worth a try >>>


iPerceptions “Hospitality Industry Report Q1 2009” Offers New View Into Traveler Behavior & Satisfaction Rates

This report, which analyzes user-generated feedback from over 137,000 visitors to over 100 hospitality sites from January through March 2009, is the first in a series of quarterly reports from iPerceptions that deliver new insight into who is coming to hospitality websites, why they are there, what they came to accomplish, and how well they are able to complete their objectives >>>


ENTER 2010 in Lugano!

the next ENTER Conference - the Conference managed by IFITT, the International Federation for IT and Travel and Tourism - will be 10-12 February 2010, at the Università della Svizzera italiana (University of Lugano, Switzerland).
ENTER2010 will be chaired by Dimitrios Buhalis and hosted by the webatelier.net lab.




CheckFacebook.com is not affiliated with Facebook. Each day, CheckFacebook.com tracks data reported from Facebook's advertising tool to help marketers and researchers understand how Facebook is spreading across the globe >>>


Lorenzo Cantoni & Chiara Succi, Acceptance and failure of e-learning in organizations: a map

in Learn how to learn! Knowledge society, education and training, Barbara Bertagni, Michele La Rosa & Fernando Salvetti (eds.) >>>


Plugged-in hotels seen ringing in more guests: poll

by Reuters >>>

Hitwise Monthly Category Report - Travel

march 2009 (in pdf) >>>

Trends in European Internet Distribution - of Travel and Tourism Services

by Carl H. Marcussen, PhD, Senior Researcher
Centre for Regional and Tourism Research, Denmark >>>

How to Leverage Google's Changes to Referring URLs

By Jason Burby, ClickZ >>>


Internationale Tagung One Stop Europe Eletronic Public Management

Vom 23. bis 24. April 2009 findet die diesjährige Konferenz im E-Government zum Thema Eletronic Public Management an der Hochschule Ludwigsburg statt.
i'm going to present a paper there, about eGovernment & eTourism (see the program, in pdf >>>)


social networking websites

worldwide >>>
in Europe >>>

webatelier.net eTourism Seminars & other events

a new section of the website is now online! >>>


how to delete an account on Facebook / come cancellare un account su Facebook

Facebook FAQ: >>>
the recent debate seen by Mark Zuckerberg, 18.02.09 >>>


Leading Through Uncertain Times

by Harvard Business Publishing >>>



the future of video games? >>>

ADL Releases SCORM 2004 4th Edition

The ADL Initiative is pleased to announce the release of SCORM 2004 4th Edition on March 31, 2009.

To create SCORM 2004 4th Edition, ADL collected and analyzed issues reported by members of the ADL Community through Ask the Experts. This is a maintenance release that addresses defects in, and adds enhancements to, the previous versions of SCORM 2004.

Visit SCORM Overview for more information >>>


The Big Welcome from Hyatt

worth a visit >>>


New Media in Luxury Tourism Communication: the way to be

Lugano, Thursday 16th April 2009, 15:00 - 17:00
USI - Webatelier.net present the forum "New Media in Luxury Tourism Communication: the way to be", with a focus on the case study "Silversea"
@ Meeting Luxury

A World Like No Other

an experience on GoArmy.com



interesting >>>



un riferimento a "Pensare e comunicare"

Norberto Gonzáles Gaitano, Opinione Pubblica e Chiesa Cattolica, in José María La Porte (ed.), Introduzione alla Comunicazione Istituzionale della Chiesa, EDUSC, Roma 2009, p. 104: "[...] in un mondo sempre più complesso e con un sistema educativo sempre più frastagliato, che non tiene il passo - e non può tenerlo - con la moltiplicazione dei saperi specialistici, bisogna tornare ai cardini nell'educazione: ragionare con metodo e ordine (Logica), padroneggiare la lingua (Grammatica) ed esprimersi bene o comunicare il pensiero efficacemente (Retorica), insomma il vecchio Trivium [Cfr. L. Cantoni, N. Di Blas, S. Rubinelli e S. Tardini, Pensare e comunicare, Apogeo, Milano 2008]"


Bridging the Knowledge Divide. Educational Technology for Development

its arriving, with the chapter: Fostering Digital Literacy of Primary Teachers in Community Schools: The BET K–12 Experience in Salvador de Bahia, by Lorenzo Cantoni, Francesca Fanni, Isabella Rega, and Stefano Tardini >>>
the book is edited by Stewart Marshall (The University of the West Indies), Wanjira Kinuthia (Georgia State University), Wallace Taylor (The University of the West Indies)


City Treasure. Mobile Games for Learning Cultural Heritage

Museums and the Web 2009, a paper by Alessandro Inversini, Alessandra di Maria, & Luca Botturi (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland) >>>

Portland, Oregon launches the first information visitor centre on Twitter

on NewMedia TrendWatch >>>

Epsilon Research Shows Strong Link Between Email Receipt and Choice of Travel Company

63% of Travel Email Recipients More Likely to Patronize Email Sender >>>

Social Learning Survey by Elliott Masie

very interesting >>>


e-Learning e Formação de Professores

intervengo - tra i promotori - a questo seminario >>> (programma in pdf)

When job seekers invade Facebook

on McKinsey Quarterly >>>

International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

the new issue is now online >>>



LexDis is for those who are using or developing on-line learning materials. All the strategies have been provided by students who have first hand experience of e-learning. We have pulled together handy hints and tips on technologies you can use to make e-learning easier. Any technology that achieves this has been called an Assistive Technology >>>


Six ways to make Web 2.0 work

on the McKinsey Quarterly >>>


Digital information saved for future generations

Portsmouth researchers are part of a bold rescue plan to recover and safeguard the rapidly vanishing technology and cultural information about the generation born and brought up in the digital age >>>



i just became a member of the KFPE >>>

KFPE is dedicated to promoting research partnerships with developing and transition countries. In this way, it wishes to contribute to sustainable development.
KFPE is engaged in Swiss scientific policies and is committed to promoting the interests of researchers and their affiliated institutions on both a national and international level. It furthers development-oriented research and elaborates research-strategic concepts. In this context, it ascertains that partnership principles are followed, that the quality of research is assured, and that the interests of all partners are respected.



New Media Trend Watch

by the European Travel Commission >>>

Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter?

the power of pictures and internet in tourism
on the Telegraph >>>
on FOXNews >>>

'Little’s Britain': Mobile revelations

(Checkpoint eLearning) London (UK), January 2009 - (by Bob Little) Kris Swanson, of Merrill Lynch, has revealed that the company has some 60,000 employees and, of these, some 21,000 have BlackBerry mobile devices. Of these, some 6,000 have been given access to mobile learning materials and, to date, there are some 2,000 regular users of this mobile learning material. That means that some 9.5 per cent of those with access to the delivery technology for mobile learning are using it >>>

Hal Varian on how the Web challenges managers

Varian spoke with McKinsey’s James Manyika, a director in the San Francisco office, in Napa, California, in October 2008 >>>


Red-ink Open Educational Resources

a must >>>
also in MERLOT >>>

The red-ink doctoral school is committed to enhacing the quality of higher education in digital technologies for education. To this purpose, red-ink releases part of the content developed for its doctoral students as Open Educational Resources. There high-quality educational resources are packaged as SCORM 1.2 packages and are under a Creative Commons licence. A Paradigm

Change (historical part)
This module offers readings and activities for understanding the historical development of eLearning in higher education, under the escort of prof. Otto Peters from Fern-Universität Hagen (Germany).

Teaching, Learning & the Knowledge Society
This module presents two activities for understanding the transformation of the roles of teacher and student in the knowledge society, under the escort of prof. Otto Peters from Fern-Universität Hagen (Germany).

Future devices / Future computing
In this module we try to move forward, and think of the future of technologies in education – how will they evolve? What changes will they bring about? To do this, we will follow the guidance of Prof. Hermann Maurer, of the Technical University in Graz, Austria.

Philosophical Concerns
In this module we turn to the anthropological implications of the continuous and fast progress in technology development in education. We will follow the line traced by prof. Hermann Maurer from the Technical University Graz.

Replacing Handwriting?!
Indeed, technologies are offering more and more new possibilities – how will they affect education in a few years from now? In this module we try to confront rather extreme and radical position - it is a good exercie to stretch out thought and think about the values in education.



worth a try (i don't give you my code... my wife has it) >>>



worth a try >>>


mediamorphosis gadget



list.it, the Latitudinal Information Scrap Trapper that Indexes Things - is a small, simple note-keeping tool for solving a big, complex task -- helping you manage the tons of little information bits you need to keep track of each day. list.it does this by focusing on speed and simplicity. We have gotten rid of everything except a way to get things in and out quickly, so that you can get things out of your head and somewhere you can access easily any time >>>

ζώον λογικόν. Un itinerario tra comunicazione ed educazione

L. Cantoni, ζώον λογικόν. Un itinerario tra comunicazione ed educazione, in P. Zoccatelli & I. Cantoni (eds.), A maggior gloria di Dio, anche sociale. Scritti in onore di Giovanni Cantoni nel suo settantesimo compleanno, Cantagalli, Siena 2008, pp. 55-68 >>>