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The red-ink doctoral school is committed to enhacing the quality of higher education in digital technologies for education. To this purpose, red-ink releases part of the content developed for its doctoral students as Open Educational Resources. There high-quality educational resources are packaged as SCORM 1.2 packages and are under a Creative Commons licence. A Paradigm

Change (historical part)
This module offers readings and activities for understanding the historical development of eLearning in higher education, under the escort of prof. Otto Peters from Fern-Universität Hagen (Germany).

Teaching, Learning & the Knowledge Society
This module presents two activities for understanding the transformation of the roles of teacher and student in the knowledge society, under the escort of prof. Otto Peters from Fern-Universität Hagen (Germany).

Future devices / Future computing
In this module we try to move forward, and think of the future of technologies in education – how will they evolve? What changes will they bring about? To do this, we will follow the guidance of Prof. Hermann Maurer, of the Technical University in Graz, Austria.

Philosophical Concerns
In this module we turn to the anthropological implications of the continuous and fast progress in technology development in education. We will follow the line traced by prof. Hermann Maurer from the Technical University Graz.

Replacing Handwriting?!
Indeed, technologies are offering more and more new possibilities – how will they affect education in a few years from now? In this module we try to confront rather extreme and radical position - it is a good exercie to stretch out thought and think about the values in education.