KAYAK Trends

Where are people trying to go, and where are they looking to stay? Find the latest KAYAK search trends for travel to or from nearly any commercial airport in the world and for the most searched hotels in popular destinations. Data from hundreds of millions of searches over the past 12 months on KAYAK site >>>

Brands Seek Fans on Facebook

on adweek >>>

Lufthansa MySkyStatus

While you're in the air, MySkyStatus sends altitude, location, departure and arrival updates automatically to your Facebook and Twitter pages >>>

Two-Year Study of Global Internet Traffic Will Be Presented At NANOG47

by Arbor Networks, the University of Michigan and Merit Network >>>


Generation Y, Digital Learners and Other Dangerous Things

Journal of technology, culture, and education
Call for Special Issue
Generation Y, Digital Learners and Other Dangerous Things
edited by Lorenzo Cantoni & Stefano Tardini
download the call (in pdf) >>>

Formazione: da Asfor il wiki glossario per "Le parole dell'e-Learning"

Milano, 12 ott. - (Adnkronos/Labitalia) - Per capite tutti i termini della formazione on line e a distanza arriva il 'wiki' "Le parole dell'e-Learning" (www.glossarioelearning.net), il glossario dell'e-Learning che ASFOR, Associazione Italiana per la Formazione Manageriale, ha sviluppato con il contributo scientifico di SIe-L Societa' Italiana di eLearning e con il supporto tecnologico del Centro METID del Politecnico di Milano >>>

Obama against freedom of press?!

Appropriate Attacks on the Press? on Fox >>>


A systematic methodology to use LEGO bricks in web communication design

Cantoni, L., Marchiori, E., Faré, M., Botturi, L., and Bolchini, D. 2009. A systematic methodology to use LEGO bricks in web communication design. In Proceedings of the 27th ACM international Conference on Design of Communication (Bloomington, Indiana, USA, October 05 - 07, 2009). SIGDOC '09. ACM, New York, NY, 187-192. 
DOI= http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1621995.1622032


La ricerca scientifica per un mondo migliore

an important meeting @ USI, hosted by the NewMinE Lab (a pdf document) >>>

two new PhD positions available!

a great call! >>>

La FOSIT incontra le istituzioni universitarie del Ticino

23 ottobre 2009 ore 17.00 – 19.00
Università della Svizzera italiana >>>


La comunicazione online e le sfide per i professionisti del turismo

Lugano, 11 febbraio 2010.
Swiss Day della Conferenza internazionale ENTER2010 - eTourism: Horizons.
un grande programma!