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Experts - SEM.edu

Continuing SEM education for agency staff and in-house search marketers. How to build an SEM knowledge base and stay current on industry changes that matter -- and ignore those that don't, by Ron Jones >>>


VideoEgg AddFrames

Advertisers pay on an “engagement” basis – that is when a user rolls over the ad and the advertiser's full screen creative is displayed >>>


A political education for business

An interview with the head of the Council on Foreign Relations, on McKinsey Quarterly >>>


The Privacy Paradox

"Boasting that you keep personal data "private," it seems is not the way to win the search game.
That's the lesson search engine Ask.com learned when it introduced AskEraser, a feature that claimed to let users turn off tracking of their search history so they can remain anonymous as they roam the Web. But when AskEraser launched last December, it didn't create enough interest to cause even a blip in Ask.com's market share--it's still hovering around 3% of all U.S. searches, according to Hitwise, a Web traffic research firm. "
on Forbes >>>

New Study Analyzes the Positive Effect of Online Reviews on E-Commerce

by PowerReviews >>>


Half Of UK Men Would Swap Sex For 50 Inch TV

28 January 2008. Comet, the leading electrical specialist, today reveals that size really does matter, with over 25 million Brits admitting they would give up sex for six months to get a 50” plasma TV >>>

How Sticky Is Membership on Facebook? Just Try Breaking Free

By MARIA ASPAN, Published: February 11, 2008 on NYTimes >>>




a place to watch fun, informative how-to videos >>>


MIT OpenCourseWare

On November 28, 2007, MIT celebrated the initial publication of the entire MIT curriculum on OpenCourseWare. The celebration was hosted by MIT president Susan Hockfield, and included a keynote address by Thomas Friedman, columnist for The New York Times. The event also included a panel discussion on the future of education and OpenCourseWare, as well as an announcement of a new MIT OpenCourseWare initiative >>>