Tourism Destinations’ Online Communication. A study on English destinations

Alessandro Inversini, Marianna De Pietro, Lorenzo Cantoni, Tourism Destinations’ Online Communication. A study on English destinations (beta ver.), August 2011


Travel Agency Industry Alive and Well, Says ASTA

Alexandria, Va., Aug. 18, 2011 –ASTA came out in strong support of the travel agency industry today in response to a statement President Obama made regarding how the Internet has replaced many jobs, among them travel agents, while speaking at a town hall meeting in Atkinson, Ill >>>


Learning Strategies - A Masie Center Free Open Source Ebook

Edited by Nigel Paine
Produced by Elliott Masie
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Contributions from:

  • Learning Strategies Elliott Masie
  • What Makes a Successful Learning Strategy? Nigel Paine, Editor
  • CIA’s Learning Strategy: Focusing Out on the Organization We Serve  Bob Baker
  • The Strategy of Managing Change Lisa Pedrogo, CNN
  • Building the Case for a Learning Strategy Ruben Bonales, Waste Management, Inc.
  • Learning Strategy at Shell: 2 Parts, 3 Pathways & 3 Horizons Willem Manders, Shell
  • Putting the Strategy Back into a Learning Strategy Keith Dunbar, DIA
  • Making a Strategic Learning Portfolio the Heart of any Learning Strategy Terry M. Farmer and Evan Ishida, Eaton Corporation
  • Setting Learning Strategy: Technology is Key…When You Use it Well Mike Cuffe, Farmers Insurance Group
  • The Dynamic Strategy Relies on Insight - Not Planning Peter Hallard, Lloyds Banking Group