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Governance and Information Technology: From Electronic Government to Information Government
by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger (Editor), David Lazer (Editor)
352 pages, The MIT Press >>>
"So you thought information technology in the form of 'e-government' would save taxpayer dollars, improve government performance, increase transparency and accountability, and promote democratic participation--and all in a hurry too? Some first-rate scholars of the subject show how the several truths about these matters are much more complicated, and the reasons for them sometimes paradoxical."--Eugene Bardach, Department of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley Book

Developments in information and communication technology and networked computing over the past two decades have given rise to the notion of electronic government, most commonly used to refer to the delivery of public services over the Internet. This volume argues for a shift from the narrow focus of "electronic government" on technology and transactions to the broader perspective of information government--the information flows within the public sector, between the public sector and citizens, and among citizens--as a way to understand the changing nature of governing and governance in an information society. The chapters discuss the interplay between recent technological developments and evolving information flows, and the implications of different information flows for efficiency, political mobilization, and democratic accountability. The chapters are accompanied by short case studies from around the world, which cover such topics as electronic government efforts in Singapore and Switzerland, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's effort to solicit input on planned regulations over the Internet, and online activism "cyberprotesting" globalization.

Contributors: Robert D. Behn, Maria Christina Binz-Scharf, Herbert Burkert, Lorenzo Cantoni, Cary Coglianese, Martin J. Eppler, Jane E. Fountain, Monique Girard, Åke Grönlund, Matthew Hindman, Edwin Lau, David Lazer, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Ines Mergel, Gopal Raman, David Stark, Sandor Vegh, and Darrell M. West.


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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning

International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) has just published its latest issue at: http://www.i-jet.org


e-Learning e Formação de Professores

*** il seminario è trasmesso online dalla radio della Facoltà ***
SEMINÁRIO INTERNACIONAL DE E-LEARNINGData: 13 e 14 de setembro de 2007
Faced/UFBa, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil.
Tema: e-Learning e Formação de Professores
SINOPSE: O quê? Seminário Internacional de e-Learning
Quando? 13 e 14 de setembro de 07
Horário: 9:00h
Onde? Auditório 01 da Faculdade de Educação da UFBA – Vale do Canela, SSA-BA
Acesso: Gratuito mediante inscrição prévia pelo link abaixo ou pelo fone: 71 3328-3783 / 3328 -3784Realização: CEAP e Univ. de LuganoApoio: Univ. Federal da Bahia


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