digital witnesses / testimoni digitali

Thirty thousand sites, more than half a million web pages, nearly 2,000 blogs. The Catholic religion has a strong presence on Italian websites: as evidenced by the survey conducted by researchers at the Institute for Informatics and Telematics of the Italian National Research Council in Pisa (IIT-CNR) who have sifted through the contents of .it domains on the web.
The search - published on the last issue of "Focus .it - Newsletter of .it Registry" is entirely dedicated to the Church-Web relationship (in pdf)



1.000.000 di soci Miles & More

un interessante gioco online della Lufthansa >>>

Convegno "Testimoni digitali", conferenza stampa di presentazione a Roma

domani (15.04.2010) intervengo alla conferenza stampa per presentare i risultati dell'indagine PICTURE – Priests’ ICT Use in their Religious Experience per quanto riguarda l'Italia.


Google using site speed in web search ranking

on the official Google webmaster Central Blog >>>
how it can affect the ranking of hotels' websites >>>


Mostra sul "Buon Governo" di Ambrogio Lorenzetti

venerdì 16 a Cassina de' Pecchi (Mi), presento una mostra tratta dagli affreschi di Ambrogio Lorenzetti sul Buon Governo.


Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!

GIOTTO di Bondone
No. 37 Scenes from the Life of Christ: 21. Resurrection (Noli me tangere)
Fresco, 200 x 185 cm, Cappella Scrovegni (Arena Chapel), Padua