7th IDIA (International Development Informatics Association) Conference

the program is now online, and proceedings available: Steyn, J., Van der Vyver, A.G. (eds.). (2013). Public and private access to ICTs in developing regions. Proceedings of the 7th International Development Informatics Conference, held in Bangkok, Thailand. ISBN: 978-0-620-58040-3

Make sure you don't miss:
  • Reasons of non-use: a study on Mozambican telecenters, by Sara Vannini, Isabella Rega, Simone Sala, & Lorenzo Cantoni
  • What do we know about Douala? Access to information in and about the biggest Cameroonian city, by Marta Pucciarelli, Amalia Sabiescu, & Lorenzo Cantoni
  • Co-design with Communities. A Reflection on the Literature, by Salomão David, Amalia Sabiescu, & Lorenzo Cantoni
  • Participatory re-action: reflecting on a Design-Based Research approach in ICT4D, by Izak Van Zyl, 6 Sara Vannini