internet: the book cover!

L. Cantoni & S. Tardini, Internet [RIMC: Routledge Introductions to Media and Communications], Routledge, London 2006

a volte sbaglia anche google...

difficile iscriversi a un seminario del 16 dicembre 2005... >>>


internet & olimpic games

The Gold Medal of Questions: Is the Web TV?
an article by Pete Blackshaw

internet & tourism: podcast

podcasts in tourism:
travelcasts by LonelyPlanet
iToors bz Rough Guides


Internet: Kosmix

search Health (beta), Travel (alpha) and Politics (alpha). worth a trial


eLearning: mySchool

mySchool, le portail éducatif du Grand-Duché de Luxembourgau service des écoles


Internet: search engines

Search Sites Better At Getting Shoppers To Buy: a Study, by Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

"Introduction to Mobile Search" (7 pages; PDF) by the Mobile Marketing Association

Internet: un uso molto interessante di Google maps

una collaborazione tra Google e Fiat, da pensare anche per il turismo e tanto altro


Technology: Skype 2.0, now with video calling

Official release. Version:
Release date: February 8, 2006

e-(?): Stanford on Itunes

Download faculty lectures, interviews, music and sports.
Play audio on your iPod, Mac or PC, or burn a CD.
Stay Connected anytime anywhere.
Experience Stanford on iTunes today and continue learning with Stanford.

eGovernment: White paper on a European Communication Policy

Commission's press release
The document in several languages: White paper on a European Communication Policy